Tuesday, 17 April 2018

FrSky Q-X7 - an F3F-ready transmitter for £100!

FrSky have certainly broken the mould in recent years, with their solid yet relatively inexpensive systems. And nowhere is this better exemplified than with the Q-X7: it runs OpenTx, it'll fly an F3F mouldie, yet it costs just £100!

Monday, 12 February 2018

E-Soar Plus 3.0

A year has passed since the last update to E-Soar Plus, my OpenTx template for sport and F5J. In the meantime, OpenTx 2.2 has been released, one of the key enhancements being an increase in the number of logical switches from 32 to 64. And I've also been receiving some feedback from users of the template.

Which brings us to  E-Soar Plus 3.0. This new version takes advantage of the extra logical switches to provide a choice of three motor arming methods, thereby addressing the main complaint from users. In this post I'll describe the background to this and other changes.